Our Family2019-03-09T15:52:28-08:00

Rancho Boa Vista is a perfect example of a small family run business. Everyone contributes in a variety of ways. Even though they’re not all living under the same roof, or even in the same county, all four family members are involved in the vision and decisions impacting the future of RBV.

From the inception of RBV, Andrew and Claudia have always relied on the insights, opinions and good ideas that Joshua and Dakota bring to the business. Whether it’s the business plan, their view on how to best serve the land, what new approaches should be considered or details like how the labels should look, etc., they’re all hands on.

The points of view and suggestions of their spouses, Taylor and Leslie, are also highly valued and important to the directions taken.

After all, the idea from the start was to create a viable, long lasting, top notch boutique vineyard that would become known for its great wines and fine olive oil. That’s the game plan.

In time, the next generation and the one after that, will hopefully one day be taking care of the business and guiding Rancho Boa Vista to exciting, new heights. That’s the goal.