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The Olive Grove

Claudia had always dreamed of having an olive grove, and Andrew thought it would be an adventure to grow grapes and make wine.

In 2010 Claudia and Andrew oversaw the planting of 424 olive trees in a “golden triangle” of rich soil adjoining the vineyard. Apparently, Claudia’s love of The Godfather book and film gave rise to a long-held dream to one day have her own olive grove.

At first it was the colorful olive oil cans that appealed to her. Now it’s the attractive, sleek bottles that hold Rancho Boa Vista’s three Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavors – Classico, Basil and the spicy Habanero.

It’s called “Clolive Oil” for Claudia who loves her food cooked in her very own olive oil, if possible. Whether it’s for tasting with some delicious bread or dipping while sipping one of the RBV wines, it’s something you will want to try. RBV’s olives are organically grown in sustainable farming conditions. It’s another one of nature’s secrets that the special terroir and micro-climate of Ballard Canyon bestow upon those who discover its special gifts.

Tooling around in a four-wheel drive ATV, Claudia is often heard imploring the trees in her beautiful olive grove ‘to grow, girls, grow.” Apparently, they are cooperating, and the result is a delicious olive oil that stands apart from others. Its high quality and rich flavor are obvious from the first taste.

Claudia worked closely with her daughter, Dakota, who designed the colorful labels with a natural, down home feel.

You might want to consider trying the 3 pack or adding your favorite olive oil flavor to your choice of wines. They’re an appealing combination any time of year.